In February 2020, under the influence of the epidemic, most of the real estate enterprises didn’t resume work until mid-to-late February. The supply of new houses dropped sharply, the sales offices were closed, and the transactions declined sharply. The sales of real estate companies were generally dismal. In this context, the Anar group ranked top 1 with 3.03 billion yuan of equity sales, and Zhonghai ranked top 2 with 1.4 billion yuan of equity sales. The two-level differentiation between real estate enterprises is serious, and the internal gap is large.
At present, the real estate industry has no more rapid growth and entered the stage of refined operation, and the real estate competition has shifted from the scale competition into demand of better product. Driven by the new market demands and new competition, how to adapt to changes and continue to win market recognition has become the key to win the competition. In the second round, the core competitiveness of the real estate companies will eventually return to the product itself. And the quality of the project is undoubtedly the most basic and most important factor to build the quality product.

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